Winter League

Starts the week of January 9 and runs for 12 weeks

League play is Monday – Thursday. You can schedule the day / time that works best for your team.

Online stats tool will be used for scoring :

Handicaps will be established after the first 2 weeks of play

League Scoring

Gold Division
1st Place: Chad Steinbauer / Paul Jakubczak
2nd Place: Chris Kostka / Andy Rostermundt
3rd Place: Sean McBride / Colin McBride

Silver Division
1st Place: Steve Raymonds / Adam Raymonds
2nd Place: Greg Buchanan / Ozzy Heinzel
3rd Place: Ole Hanson / Mike Koppelman

Bronze Division
1st Place: Chris Beaudoin / Kevin Bath
2nd Place: Duncan Lindquist / Nick Herzog
3rd Place: Jason Schroeder / Todd Brasfield